What is freelancing & How to Earn Money from home?

You work in an office with cruel boss then kick him side because today I am going to tell you about a trick trough this you can be your  own boss. After that you work as you wish. Yeah I am going to tell you about freelancing.

what is freelancing
What is freelancing
  • What is freelancing ?

Freelancing that means  own work, own time, own place no time bound and not too many pressure. It is just like a your business. You will get many clients for work who want to hire you for his works. If you complete that work on time then you will get the price of your work and this process is called freelancing. One plus point of this website is if you want to leave during the work then you can get it easily as you wish

         Everyone who is doing freelancing that is called freelancer.

  • How to get Job?

There are many websites are available for freelancing . there many freelancers are earning in millions per month. You have to register any one of these websites or you can register in one or more websites. It is depend on your time and capability. One more thing these all websites are free that means you can register here without any fee.

Some Famous freelancing websites


Website link – www.Freelancer.com

Freelancr  is the most popular website. It is old and trusted between freelancers  so you can also trust on this. First you have to create an account on this website and you can do it without any fees. After registration and you have to verify your email id after that you have to create your profile or your portfolio. That means which type of work you want to here ? Just like if you want to data entry, website designing and what ever you want to do here.

On this website approx 1000 works come here in every minute. You have to choose  any work what ever you want to do after that you have give the bid on that work after that those company will contact you shortly for the work.  Then you can do that work and earn money.


Website link – www.Upwork.com

Upwork is also a famous freelancing website between freelancing . It is also a trusted website there is also approx same process as freelancer. Here you can also create an account without any fees after that you have to create your profile here. But one thing is different here you have to create your profile  but you have to wait for approval if your profile is aproved then you can get work from here.

Friends these two websites are most trusted but apart from these many websites are available like Fivver, Guru etc.  

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