How to Update address in Adhaar Card

In this Article, you will get full details about how you can update your address in Adhaar card.

Adhaar card is a very important document for us today because Adhaar becomes our ID some times when we changing our living place or address we need to change.

How to update address in adhaar
How to update address in adhaar

Our documents according to us so in this Article, I will tell you the full process of address changing in your Adhaar card.

Do you know that you can update your address in you adhaar card without going anywhere.

To update the address in Adhaar card follow steps given below.

Thing you should have to update address in your Adhaar card.

  1. Adhaar card
  2. Mobile number (which is linked in your Adhaar)
  3. Address Proof (Electricity bill or Bank passbook or water bill,)

Click on the link given below and enter Adhaar number and receive OTP enter otp on site and fill Address and click next then upload Proof and submit for LINK- Update Address in your Adhaar.

Or Follow Other Trick given below to Update Address in your Adhaar.

Step 1 : Resident Initiates Request
  • 1. Resident Logs in with Aadhaar
  • 2. Enters Verifier Aadhaar
  • 3. Receives SRN
Step 2 : Address Verifier Consents

(Address Verifier Receives Link for consent in his/her mobile)

  • 1. Clicks on link
  • 2. Logs in with Aadhaar
  • 3. Gives consent
Step 3 : Resident Submits Request

Resident Receives confirmation of Verifier Consent on mobile)

  • 1. Logs in with SRN
  • 2. Previews Address
  • 3. Edits Local Language (if required)
  • 4. Submits Request
Step 4 : Use Secret Code to complete
  • 1. Resident receives the Letter and Secret Code via Post
  • 2. Logs into Online Address Update Portal
  • 3. Updates Address via Secret Code
  • 4. Reviews new address and submits final request
  • 5. URN received for checking the status in future

For more information click here.

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